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Innovative Ingredients

Sourced from around the globe, our innovative ingredients include scientific breakthroughs in skincare technology with extracts designed specifically to enhance your skin.

5x Hybrid Filters


Our high performing 5x Hybrid Sunscreen filter includes both Mineral and Chemical ingredients, giving a smooth and silky texture that does not leave a white cast once applied while also protecting your skin over long periods of time.



PENTAVITIN® connects perfectly with the skin’s surface layers and doesn’t easily wash off, locking in moisture like a magnet. It also strengthens the skin’s natural defenses and prevents further dehydration for 72 hours. In addition, it increases skin hydration for 24 hours, meaning an end to skin dryness post-cleansing.

Ceramide Liposomes


Utilizing advance nano level encapsulation technology, NanoCap®, our Ceramides are carried deep into the skin with a high penetrating effect to create a protective layer beneath the skin that helps keep and maintains moisture for a long period of time.

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