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When I turned 16 and started to suffer from acne breakouts, I was introduced to the world of skincare. Immediately, I felt overwhelmed with all the products, trends, and advice out there. Over the top promises, fear-tactics tied to purchasing, unnecessary multi-step routines, and harsh ingredients--I fell for them all. As a teenager who sought out to find a better routine for myself, I ended up more confused than when I started, a couple thousand baht out of pocket, and with a severe case of contact dermatitis. 


When did skincare become so hard? Why did I have to become an investigative journalist to understand skincare? Who can I actually trust in this industry?



These questions led me back to my family's business--a third generation cosmetics and skincare producer--where I surrounded myself with scientists and formulators and found myself knee-deep in research papers. I quickly discovered that my confusion stemmed from the fact that so many brands were either telling us to apply more than what our skin needs, over-promising results, or just blatantly spreading misinformation. 


A lightbulb went off. The industry needed to change.

THE BEGINNING OF 'พลิกหลังกล่อง'


I picked up my iPad and began to film a series of videos on YouTube called ‘พลิกหลังกล่อง’ (roughly translates to: ‘Read behind the box’). The content ranged anywhere from teaching consumers about 'active ingredients' and how to properly use them, to offering my insider perspective on ingredient sourcing, formulation, marketing, and regulation. This lifted the veil on the often ambiguous inner workings inside a product and held brands accountable in a way that had never been done before. The overnight success of the channel made me realize I was hardly alone in my desire for a more transparent and honest industry.



That’s when I decided it was time to create change within the manufacturing community as well--and it would begin by looking inwards and challenging my own family’s business. Together, I wanted to create a brand that would set a better standard for the Thai beauty industry.


And that’s how I’ve gotten to INGU (อิงกุ), whose pursuit is to cut out all the marketing noise, and build science-backed products that focus on the basic essentials that the skin actually needs; all while being transparent in every way. We want you to understand exactly what you’re buying, why it works, and whether it’s what your skin really needs. Because finding the right skincare shouldn’t have to be confusing and filled with traps. Everyone should be able to build simple routines that actually work with their skin. 

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